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I found a lot of questions by people on message boards and other places, and hopefully this list will help answer some of them. If the question you have isn't answered here, check the message board! It's proved to be an excellent source of information.

Will My mp3/cd player or my mp3/vcd/cd player play normal audio cds?
Yes, it will. The player recognize automatically if the CD contained MP3, CDDA or WAV files

Will my mp3/cd player or my mp3/vcd/cd player read CD-RW discs as well as normal CD-Rs?
Yes it can. It is capable of reading MP3 files on 1x, 2x, and 4x CD-RW. However, you must re format CD-RW every time you want to record new group of MP3 files. No multisession recording allowed.

Why won't my player read all my MP3s!??!
Ok, first off CALM DOWN! Your player is not defective, and don't rush to return it.

The thing is, the player will not read all your files if they are all lumped into one directory.

The best strategy is to separate your mp3s into three or so separate folders.

Also the problem could be that you burned a non-mp3 file on your CD-R. You can't mix WAV or CDDA with MP3 files.But you can actually mix mp3 files with *JPEG,*GIF,*ZIP,*RAR,*DOC and *TXT files, the player will ignore those files and read only the MP3 files contained on the CD-R.

The player will only read mp3s that are sampled at 32khz,44.1khz or 48khz khz and encoded between 32Kbps and 224Kbps

The player don't support CD-Rs or CD-RWs burned in multiple sessions.

Make sure also that you burn the CD in mode 1, not Mode 2-XA. More info on this in tips.

Does my mp3/cd player or my mp3/vcd/cd player support subdirectories (subfolders)?
Yes, the player pretty much needs subfolders in order to read all the mp3s on the disc. Check out the tips section for more information.
(limit of 8 subfolders including root dir/ and max of 80 mp3s files per subfolders)

Will ID3 tags be supported?
No. The LCD only displays the song number, directory number, and track length.

How about Winamp Playlists?
Nope. Only mp3 files. And if you have other files besides mp3s, it can cause the Player to not read all of the songs. Again, look at the tips for more info.

Will my mp3/cd player or my mp3/vcd/cd player read variable bitrate (VBR) mp3s?
The Napa Dav-310 , Supertek mp-2000 , Avex dm-5 are able to read Variable bit rate mp3s.

What sorts of mp3s are supported?
The disco Trip, will only read mp3s that are sampled at 44.1 khz and encoded between 32Kbps and 196Kbps.

The Napa Dav-310 , Supertek mp-2000 , Avex dm-5 will read mp3s that are sampled at 32khz,44.1khz or 48khz khz and encoded between 32Kbps and 224Kbps.

Also, these players don't support long filenames.( max of 256 characters ) This doesn't mean that they will not play files with long names (thank goodness!), but it might mess up the order of song play.For example, here is a remark by someone in the mp3.com newsgroup (thnx waynet2!):

"In addition, the track numbering follows a strange logic... It's based on DOS 8.3 names which exclude such characters as commas, apostrophes and spaces. Any of these characters will be deleted from the 8.3 name and all "LEGAL" characters including dashes and underscores will be pushed together to fill in. After the sixth character, a ~1 (or other number) will be appended. This only occasionally causes mistakes when you dump your song list using Windows. For example, Windows orders files as such:

#1 "It's all right"
#2 "It make sence"

In DOS they appear as ITSALL~1 and ITMAKE~1, so they are ordered like this:

#1 "ITMAKE~1" (It make sence)
#2 "ITSALL~1" (It's all right)"

Will my mp3/cd player or my mp3/vcd/cd player tell me what song I am listening to?
Yes, but not by track title or artist. The LCD on the player can only display the number of the track (ordered alphabetically) and the track length. So it's handy to have a reference card handy with all the tracks of the CD numbered on it lying around. Check out tips for more info.

How do I skip tracks rapidly?
Press and release the Next (or Preview, to go backwards) button. Now hit it again and hold it down. The track numbers will rapidly increase.

Does this Mp3 CD player or Mp3 VCD CD player rock?

Mp3 Player Store FAQ Tips


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