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Manufactured with the lastest and advanced technology, DAV310 is undoubtedly the best choice of portable audio/video player for those who pursue fantastic audio/visual enjoyment. DAV310 is the next-generation digital audio/video player,which plays audio CDs, video CDs (VCD), as well as the latest MP3 CDs.The player is capable of handling both normal CD's as well as CD-R and CD-RW discs from which it can playback CD Audio, MP3's or Video CD's.

This Unit is design for internet users.

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79$ U.S / 118.5$ Can
Suggested retail price : 179.95$

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  • DAV310 Portable MP3/VCD/CD Player
  • Stereo Earphones
  • 3.6V Lithium Battery
  • Remote Control (batteries included)
  • AC/DC Power supply 100-240V
  • Video / Audio Cables
  • Userís Manual
  • 1 Year Warranty Certificate


Features of DAV-310
  • Supports MP3/VCD/CD disc playback.
  • ON/OFF E.A.S.S switch to save battery life
  • Built in remote control for user's convenience.
  • Built-in re-chargeable Lithium Battery suitable for outdoor playing.
  • Complete LCD display function.
  • 7 easy-to-use keys for different playback modes.
  • Bass Booster control for mega-bass output.
  • Excellent quality of audio & video output.
  • Anti-shock: DAV310 is equipped with a new advanced anti-shocking function

Technical Specs

  • Support 8/12cm CDR, CDRW disc
  • Supports VBR MP3s up to 224kbps
  • Output jacks: Video, Audio
  • Sample Rate: 32, 44.1, 48 kHz
  • Reads and supports long filenames
  • Batteries last ~4 (6 switch OFF) hours with MP3 CDs and 7 with Audio CDs
  • Weight: About 900g (including batteries

Various Playback Mode:

  • Various Repeat Playbacks, Fast Forward, Fast Rewind, Next Track, Previous Track Step, Slow Motion, 9-Screen.

Programmable Function Modes

  • Single Track Repeat Playback
  • All Tracks Repeat Playback
  • Random Playback
  • Slow Motion
  • Step Playback

Function Keys

  • Play/Pause
  • Stop
  • Volume Control & mute
  • Skip Next & Previous Control
  • Mode Control
  • Fast Forward & Backward Control
  • Intro-scan Function
  • OSD
  • Time
  • R/L Mode
  • PAL / NTSC
  • PBC
  • Battery/DC/OFF Switch
  • LED Battery Charge Inducator
  • LCD Display
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