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Innovatek WaveMan M2 Portable Mini Dual Speaker TF Card Reader
Innovatek WaveMan M2 Portable Mini Dual Speaker TF Card Reader
SKU: 418

Innovatek WaveMan M2 Portable Mini Dual Speaker with Built-in Rechargeable Battery & TF Card Reader
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Features of Innovatek M2:

New Innovative Desgin with 2 Speakers in a super compact size.

Portable 6W Mini Speaker with Lithium Battery.
Built-in MP3/WMA TF Card Player
Play MP3/WMA format music from SD Card
Connect any 3.5 stereo audio cable into the USB socket of “LINE IN”
Innovative Dual AudioIN/Power USB Socket provided with Included Innovatek USB
AudioIN/Power Dual USB Cable.
You can play music from mobile phone, MP3 MP4 PC and other audio devices.
Earphone Lineout to earphone, Amplifier or other WaveMan!
Brillant Sound & Deep Bass


MP3/WMA SD Card Player
Memory Capacity: 8GB TF Card (MicroSD Card) Compatible
Power Supply: Built-in rechargeable high capacity lithium battery (600mAh)
can play the music around 5 hours
USB Interface: USB1.1/ 2.0
Speaker Output power: 2x3W
Frequency response:200Hz-12KHz 40hms
Speaker Size: 40mm
Audio Connector: 3.5mm headphone jack hold
USB AudioIN/Power connector

Package Content:

-WaveManM2 MP3 Player
-Stereo headphones with an elegant design
-USB AudioIN/Power Innovatek Data Cable with 3.5m Male AudioIN jack and USB connector

Excellent sound quality & extreme music experience.
Use with any digital devices like a MP3 player, PND, Cell Phone etc...