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Innovatek USB DVBTM Digital DVB-T TV Stick for PC (European)
Innovatek USB DVBTM Digital DVB-T TV Stick for PC (European)
SKU: 467

Innovatek USB DVBTM Digital DVB-T TV Stick for PC (European)
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DVB-T USB TV Tuner Stick provides a Simple and Convenience HDTV solution for your desktop or laptop. You can freely watch HDTV program with your computer in home, school, office or car.

Features of Innovatek DVB-T TV Tuner

Watch & record hi-definition DVB-T digital TV
Watch and record cable TV or over-the-air DVB-T high definition digital TV. programs, in a window or full screen on your PC or laptop monitor.
Includes DVB-T Digital TV application to watch and record TV in a window or full screen.
With Digital TV-Scheduler, so you can record your favorite TV programs daily, weekly or once only.
Digital DVB-T over-the-air TV tuner built-in. A portable digital TV antenna is included, and can be used to receive digital TV up to 10 miles from aTSC transmitter.
Media Center Compatible. Watch and recording TV with Microsoft's Windows Media Center.Specification:
The latest, highly sensitive, DVB-T Receiver for the best TV reception.
Receiving Frequency: TV/48.25 ~ 863.25 MHz
Input Terminal: 75 Ohm Female MCX Connector
AGC Range: 10~90dB
Phase Noise: dBc/Hz@10KHz
Image Rejection: 60dB
Full DVB-T bandwidth reception (6/7/8 MHz).
Integrated 10-bit A/D Converter
Operation Condition Temperature Range: -10C~60C
Operating Voltage (I/O, Core): 3.3V&1.8V

System Requirement:

Microsoft Windows XP SP2/Vista
Intel Pentium 4 or AMD K8/Athlon 2.0GHz CPU or higher
512MB RAM or more
32MB or more VGA card with Graphics Sub-systems Supporting DirectX(R) Overlay
Sound card or onboard sound chip
Microsoft DirectX 9.0C or above
Microsoft Media Player 9.0 or Above
CD ROM Drive
One Available USB 2.0 port
UHF/VHF Antenna for ATSC and Analog Terrestrial TV
CATV Signal for Analog Cable TV

Package Include:
Innovatek DVB-T/PAL USB TV Tuner x 1
Portable Amplified Power Antenna x 1
Innovatek Software CD x 1
Remote Control x 1
Instruction manual x 1

Some countries or regions can have different reception conditions, and the environment in which you are viewing can be affected by various factors: Proximity to the Digital TV transmitter, heavy/ tall building constructions and thick walls or ceilings. Portable or mobile Digital TV reception in cars, trains or airplanes etc. is normally not supported.

Attention:  It does not support US, Canada, Japan, Singapore users due to different digital standard.

Brief overview
System Explanation
DVB-T Broadcasting via DVB-T is actively in use.
DVB-T adopted Countries which have adopted the DVB-T system.
DVB-T trial broadcasts Those countries undertake trials with DVB-T.
RRC06 The according countries participate in the Regional Radiocommunications Conference 2006 of the ITU (International Telecommunication Union). It can be assumed that all countries taking part will ultimately use the DVB-T system when they move from analog to digital.
ATSC Broadcasting via the ATSC system is actively in use.
ATSC adopted Countries which have adopted the ATSC system.
ATSC trial broadcasts Those countries undertake trials with ATSC.
ISDB-T Broadcasting via ISDB-T is actively in use.
ISDB-T adopted Countries which have adopted the ISDB-T system.
ISDB-T trial broadcasts Those countries undertake trials with ISDB-T.
SBTVD-T Broadcasting via SBTVD-T is actively in use.
SBTVD-T adopted Countries which have adopted the SBTVD-T system.
DMB-T/H Broadcasting via DMB-T/H is actively in use.
DMB-T/H adopted Countries which have adopted the DMB-T/H system.
DMB-T/H trial broadcasts Those countries undertake trials with DMB-T/H.
Commercial DVB-T services No formal adoption of a DTT standard.
  Undecided countries.
DVB-T Country signal:    
Hong Kong
South Korea (Republic of Korea)
Saudi Arabia
New Zealand
-United Kingdom
-South Africa

South America
ATSC Country Signal:    
Costa Rica
El Salvador

United States
American Samoa

North Korea
Northern Mariana Islands
South Korea